La Roumaniere

For thirty years, the jam-makers La Roumanière has offered original products based upon the flavors and traditions of Provence, France. Our jam and biscuit masters constantly create new recipes for unique and varied flavors.

The location of the jam allowed La Roumaniere to qualifying as a rich local fruit and agricultural watershed, being close to the National Market-oriented fruit of Cavaillon. The fruits are carefully selected by our master jam, different varieties are recognized and selected for their qualities, and manually prepared to offer you the best flavor.

In a small village called Robion sits a historial building that has since 1981 housed the world-famous traditional jam factory, “La Roumanière”. The jams produced there supplies high-end shops and malls in Paris as well as other major European countries.

The manufacturing process is driven by hand and conducted in small batches with great respect to the fruit and the integrity of the ingredient. The jars are then sealed and hand-wrapped with a unique fabric charlotte that affords the product a pastoral charm and elegance.

  • Watermelon Vanilla with Lemon Juice

  • Strawberry with Lemon Juice

  • Quince with Pieces

  • Provence Purple Figs

  • Peach Jasmine