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Capirete is characterized by its distinctive quality due to a series of factors. The first is undoubtedly its exalted origin: Sherry Wine made from Palomino grapes and grown in vineyards registered in the “Jerez-Xérès-Sherry” Denomination. The vinegar’s true qualities are acquired during its ageing – the same ageing process that is used for Sherry Wines. The dynamic ageing system in American Oak barrels provides ideal conditions in which the acetic bacteria can carry out their work. In each “Criadera”, or nursery, the product that was formerly wine acquires an increasing acidity, concentration and complexity.

The slow work of the acetic bacteria together with the “Criaderas” system bestows to the Capirete with its own personality and extraordinary concentration, making it almost an elixir.

  • Aged 50 years

  • Aged 20 years

  • Aged 8 years

  • Aged 4 years