With tradition and manual labour spanning 100 years of Spanish heritage, all freshness and quality is retained in Arroyabe canned and salted fish products while conserving nature and its resources.
Arroyabe is based at Bermeo, a fishing port where the most vital bonito fishing fleet of the Cantabrian Sea can be found. This guarantees the best and freshest bonito can be selected and purchased.
As soon as possible upon purchase, preservation is done at Arroyabe’s modern plant. Freshness can be traced by batches with the origin and date of purchase, ship etc. Arroyabe meets the most stringent health standards in its six-stage production process.

  • Anchovy Fillet in Oilve Oil

  • Tuna Belly in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil (Tin)

  • Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil (Bottle)